Gardens of the Garden State, Assemblage by Alice Harrison

Book Arts Roundtable

On view through June 14, 2023

An artist’s book is a work of art in book form. The objects encourage readers to rethink the nature of the book and reading in new and unexpected ways.

Presented by Book Arts Roundtable, the exhibited art books incorporate typography, papermaking, paper engineering, bookmaking, design, fine art, graphics, creative writing and digital media. Each displayed book was created by a New Jersey artist and inspired by the Garden State.

Book Arts Roundtable was established to encourage the love of book and paper arts and create a forum for the exchange of ideas, information and instruction about the art of the book. For further information, visit:

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Objects on View (Partial List):

A Day on the Manasquan River, by Elisa Kessler Caporale

Elisa Kessler Caporale

A Day on the Manasquan River

Recycled aluminum coffee filter stitched with floss, leather panel from a skirt, stitching done with colored floss on extra wedding invitations from 1973
6.5 x 1.75 inches

Edison Amberol Record Scroll Book, by Amelia Panico

Amelia Panico

Edison Amberol Record Scroll Book

Found Edison Amberol Record container with giclee printed scroll.
4.5 x 2.5 inches

Fourth of July – Our Wedding Day, 25 Years Later!, by Randy Keenan

Randy Keenan

Fourth of July – Our Wedding Day, 25 Years Later!

Paper cut and stitched, binding sewn with ribbons
9.5 inches, closed

From Exit 131 to 135, a Jersey Girl, by Shari Seltzer

Shari Seltzer

From Exit 131 to 135, a Jersey Girl

Board book, mixed media
12 x 12 inches

From Where to Where, by Melabee M. Miller

Melabee M. Miller

From Where to Where

Blizzard book with slipcase; mixed media
3.5 x 11.5 inches

Gardens of the Garden State, by Alice Harrison

Alice Harrison

Gardens of the Garden State

9 x 23 inches, extended

Nutley Livingston – Jersey Hound, by Debra F. Livingston

Debra F. Livingston

Nutley Livingston – Jersey Hound

Star book, mixed media
4 x 6 inches

They Found a New Home, by Elaine Golt Gongora

Elaine Golt Gongora

They Found a New Home

Accordion book in a box; mixed media
8.75 x 18 inches, extended

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