Teacher & Student Appreciation

The Discover Drumthwacket Wednesday field trip program welcomes on average, over 3,700 students annually from throughout New Jersey.  All schools are welcome to visit; however, 4th grade classes in Title One (formerly Abbott) districts are eligible for free bus transportation and complimentary bagged lunches.  The Foundation regularly receives thank you letters and drawings from appreciative teachers and students.

The historical information my fourth grade students received that day is endless as it continues to inspire them in conversation as well as initiate wonders of a return visit.  The mansion and surrounding scenic gardens have opened the eyes of our eighty-plus children.  I can’t thank you enough for that along with the wholesome bagged lunches…The students also enjoyed the Olden House and still take pleasure in remembering the playing with toy replicas from the 18th century.  What a fantastic idea that is very ‘kid friendly’!
Michael Szewczyk

Grade 4 teacher, University Elementary School, Irvington, NJ

Thank you for the magnificent tour.  You stuffed TONS of facts in my head and I’m proud of that!
4th Grade Student, Newark, NJ

I really enjoyed the trip.  It was so fun!  My favorite part of the tour was the enormous dining room table with the sparkly chandeliers!  Also, thank you for the cake you gave us. It was so delicious.  It was the most fun I ever had in my life!
Stephanie, Newark, NJ

The house was beautiful.  I would love to live at Drumthwacket.  If I can live there my whole life I would be the happiest girl on earth.
Signed “Future Governor Ashley”, Newark, NJ

Thank you for the bus because if we didn’t have a bus than we couldn’t get there.  Also thank you for lunch.  If it wasn’t for you we would have been starving.
Caitlene, Vineland, NJ

Thank you for showing us and telling us about the history of the Governor’s mansion.  It really helped me because the school principal asked me many questions about the trip.  I knew all the answers!
Dianni, Elizabeth, NJ

My class and I would like to thank you for the fun filled history lesson.  I have so much knowledge of the governor you have persuaded me to become a history teacher!
Sadek, Jersey City, NJ

Thank you for the tour and telling us about the mansion.  Like you said, “We too can be Governor.” So I’m going to run for it.  Wish me luck in the future.  Let’s cross our fingers…One day I will be leader of our state.  I can’t wait!
Olamide, East Orange, NJ