Growing in the Garden State

Vegetables grown in Drumthwacket’s culinary gardens

Vegetables grown in Drumthwacket’s culinary gardens
Drumthwacket supports three culinary gardens with a fourth planned in 2022. The gardens are maintained by volunteers representing Northeast Organic Farming Association, ISLES and the Center for Urban Environmental Sustainability in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences at Rutgers University.
“Growing in the Garden State” offers free virtual classes, filmed primarily at Drumthwacket, to help support NJ families who want to grow food at home and in community gardens.


  • Bed Prep, Raised Beds
  • Site considerations, Water, Fencing Primer
  • Planting Direct Seeding or Starting Transplants
  • Soil Fertility
  • Crop Planting Schedule
  • Specific Crops
  • Pest Controls
  • Extending the Garden into the Fall/Crop Storage
  • Small Fruit Primer
  • Preparing the ground for the winter


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  • Session 4: Preparing Fall Crops
    (Coming July 20, 2021)
  • Session 5: Small Fruit Primer
    (Coming August 17, 2021)
  • Session 6: Soil Care, Preparing for winter
    (Coming September 20, 2021)

Program Partners

Northeast Organic Farming Association New Jersey

Founded in 1985 as the Natural Organic Farmers Association of New Jersey, NOFA-NJ is an affiliate of the Northeast Organic Farming Association, a seven-state coalition of sustainable agriculture organizations. From the earliest days, NOFA-NJ, a 501c3 non-profit organization, has connected the organic farming community, publishing a newsletter and other educational publications, including “Eating Good Guides.” In 1990, NOFA-NJ instituted an organic certification program for farms. In 2006, NOFA-NJ transitioned organic certification to the New Jersey Department of Agriculture (NJDA). Today NOFA-NJ continues support certification and farming education and local food system partnerships throughout New Jersey.
isles Self-Reliant Communities

Founded in 1981, Isles, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit community development and environmental organization based in Trenton, New Jersey. With a mission to foster self-reliant families and healthy, sustainable communities, ISLES designs and develops effective services that support this mission and share what is learned with others who can make a difference.
Rutgers Center for Urban Environmental Sustainability (Rutgers CUES)

The mission of the Center for Urban Environmental Sustainability in the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences at Rutgers University is to bring the knowledge available through Rutgers out into the “real-world” to address environmental challenges New Jersey faces.